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Welcome to the online portfolio of Jason Burruss. This site features an extensive portfolio of past works and a gallery of jewelry currently in stock.
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.925 Sterling Silver
Manufactured oxygen-free to prevent tarnishing.

Sterling silver tarnishes over time. That time is infinitely longer if silver is kept clean and away from dust and dirt. Keep your jewelry clean and tarnish free by scrubbing with a toothbrush and toothpaste under hot water. There many products available to keep your jewelry shining. Polishing cloths do not work well with wire jewelry because the surface area is irregular. Read labels carefully before using any liquid silver dips. Please handle with caution because many are toxic. Rubber gloves are recommended. A respirator and/or ventilation is recommended for use with diluted sulfuric acid formulas such as Tarn-X. Jason Burruss does not use opals and other soft stones so that all silver cleaning techniques can be used on his jewelry.

14/20 Gold-Filled
Gold-filled, or gold overlay, is made by heat- and pressure-bonding a thin layer of 14kt. gold to a brass core. The 1/20th notation refers to the ratio of karat gold to brass core by weight, which is 5%. All gold-filled used by Jason Burruss is nickel-free.

Semi-Precious Gems
All faceted semi-precious gems are AA-AAA grades.
amthyst infoametrine infocitrine infogarnet info

lemon citrinegreen ametrinegreen amethystred citrine

lemon citrine infogreen ametrine infogreen amethyst infomadeira citrine info

swiss blue topazlondon blue topazpink tourmalineperidot

swiss blue topaz infolondon blue topazpink tourmaline infoperidot info

rubellite tourmalinegreen tourmalinesmokey quartzwhite topaz

rubellite tourmaline infogreen tourmaline infosmokey quartz infowhite topaz info

Precious Gems
All faceted precious gems are A-AAA grades.
Orange, Green, and Blue Sapphires

Gem Treatments

Jason Burruss uses some faceted gemstones treated by FTC (Federal Trade Commission) approved gem treatments. Only natural gemstones are used never synthetics. Only permanent treatments are used. Colors will not fade with time. The treatments used only enhance the metal impurities already present in the stone. For instance, Topaz is the only stone that turns different shades of blue when irradiated. This is because of different metallic impurities within the stones. No colors are ever added to the stones (no dyeing or diffusion).

Treatment information is disclosed using the following letters beside the gem description:

No Letters – No Treatments
(BH) - Beryllium Heat-Treated
(H) – Heat Treated
(R) – Irradiated

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