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Welcome to the online portfolio of Jason Burruss. This site features an extensive portfolio of past works and a gallery of jewelry currently in stock.
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Jason Burruss is a jewelry designer specializing in the art of silver and gemstone cold-fusion. Native to Midlothian, Virginia, Jason has been a pioneer of the medium for six years. He studied several art forms before focusing on handmade silver design.

An adamant perfectionist, Jason uses the fundamental principles of symmetry to accomplish a unique style unmatched in cold-fusion jewelry design.  Through his distinctive sense of aesthetics, Jason is able to create balanced, flawless, jewelry concepts with remarkable universal appeal.

With his passionate resolve to the spirit of free-market America, Jason stands as an inspiration to young artists everywhere. Recognizing the importance of creating a modern, producing economy, Jason strives to encourage a new generation to embrace their creativity with an entrepreneurial spirit, taking the art market back from cheap foreign importation. 

Now 26, Jason currently lives and works outside of Asheville, North Carolina.  With wholesalers worldwide, his work can be found anywhere from Tokyo to Texas, and at art shows, storefronts, and music festivals across the country.


For more information feel free to contact me at mail@jasonburruss.com or visit the contact page.

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